Carolyn Dean, MD, ND (formerly of Toronto and now in Maui) was my doctor for a very short while when I was trying to recover from the adverse effects of immunizations that I didn’t want, that I took only because I was told that it would be irresponsible of me not to, and that put me in a wheelchair with severe ‘atypical arthritis.’ I was so weak that I could not lift my arms to wash my hair, and so weak that I could not lift my head out of the basin at the hairdresser's. My fingers were so gnarled, I could no longer hold my camera. A friend put his newborn son in my arms and I didn't have enough strength to lift the baby and hand him back to his father.

I was able to recover some of my immune system with Dr. Dean's help, and since then have spread her message about sugar, gluten/wheat and yeast/candidiasis. I continue to follow her work and read her books.

The knowledge turned out to be fortunate when I was in ER with a friend in dramatic atrial fibrillation which wasn't responding to treatment - in fact, it was getting worse. I blurted out 'magnesium.' A doctor said 'oh, yes' and ran off to get a magnesium iv – problem solved.

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