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Christine M. Harrington receives messages from God (Source, Universal Love, Spirit, Creator, Great Spirit, etc. whatever name you like to use) about love, truth, healing and the new consciousness. Because her work involves DNA and consciousness, she has an unique ability to "see" the human brain in action and has developed a deep understanding of brain function and formation. Over the years, she has worked with thousands of people labeled as "mentally ill".

This is a quote from a speech Christine gave recently in Toronto that provides an overview of what she does.

It is very necessary to start by saying that God never wishes us to undergo sorrow, trauma, suffering....God wants only love for all. However, people forget that. They forget that we are here to love one another and in this disconnection, they make things that cause harm for one another. Psychiatry as we know it now certainly falls into that category! I have many, many clients that have been diagnosed with "mental disorder" labels. Through a deep connection with God and some basic cellular and brain nutrients, God has been able to bring about miracles in their lives and function.

Connection to our Creative Source is the bottom line of all healing. Without God in the "modality" or "therapy", true healing cannot occur. The more we can grow our relationship with God and love, the more healing we can access.

I must really stress that I am not the healer in this work. We are all energy and this energy, in its original form is that of God. God is absolute love and healing. We all have an "energetic blueprint" (DNA) for who we are and what we are here to do as made by God but during our lives, sometimes there are events that happen that block our ability to follow that blueprint and develop into who we truly are and carry out what we are here to do.

I can “perceive” the original blueprint and also what blocks it from becoming fully realized. I do not do the healing, as that would be beyond my limited understanding to do. However, I facilitate the process of letting vast amounts of God's love through to heal what needs healing - I am able to observe what God is doing and I report on that. All messages I impart to you come from God. This is the true gift I have, of being able to receive messages and bring through lots of God love to do healing. This is not a religious perspective, but one that encompasses all belief systems with truth. It is also true that all of us can do this, for God is everywhere and accessible to everything. This is what I teach people to know and to do for themselves.

We are all made of God. Sometimes we can't access this understanding because trauma, etc., has blocked it from forming in our energy. God can release barriers to the innate - and profound - healing ability we all have within us and this connects us more fully to God. It is not really "therapy" or "treatment" - it is just working together enough to get this process firmly established and then it unfolds in its own connection to God. It is within us all - helping others to access it when they need help to do so, is my role. I am a “connector” for the only energy that can truly heal, which is the energy of our Creative Source.

Everything we do is energy - every thought, every word, every action, every deed. When things happen that are very traumatic it can create energies in our energy fields that are not love and that interfere with the blueprint for how we are meant to form as 'self'. If we are traumatized enough our own energy can be displaced from our energy field (and body which is part of it all, of course). Then we have "spaces" in our own field. This is where other energies can get in and be present in our energy fields and matter, disrupting our own formation and function....This is the origin of all dysfunction - separation from the truth of what we are and what our Creative Source is.

The work I do is about TRUE healing. True healing only occurs when we let God do it and follow that guidance. Then miracles can indeed occur.

On my website there is a manual called Co-creating the New Consciousness that is about connecting more deeply to God to access true healing in your life. This is a free downloadable book that puts the tools of healing directly into people's hands so that they can grow their relationship with God, directly access the healing they need and co-create what they are here to co-create with God.

In other words, it forms the foundation for becoming who we all truly are and were created to be. We can all do this - it is no "secret" or "special talent". We are all made of God and as such we are all equal in God's love. God is everywhere around us, accessible to us - we just have to remember how to access this.

In the manual, basic cellular nutrition is written about. In the chapter on nutrition God talks about the main things we need to intake to feed the energy of God to heal our bodies and minds. God is asking me to provide a quick summation so you can start taking in the nutrients you need to meet your bodies' needs at the cellular level.

OMEGA 3 is brain food and adrenal food. It also is the base of all hormones including dopamine which counteracts depression and pain. Most people need 2100 mg of EPA/1400 mg DHA per day. This quantity of Omega 3 is found in the following foods:

1 tablespoon of liquid omega 3 fish oil (Watch the EPA/DHA ration. This is not cod liver oil but whole fish oil)
1 and a half tablespoons coconut oil (unrefined extra virgin) - this is a very affordable option
1 and a half teaspoons of chia oil
1 and a half tablespoons of ground chia seeds (2 and a half is a recommended dose and would provide lots of omega 3, fiber, nutrients, proteins, etc)

ELECTROLYTES: Unrefined sea salt for electrolytes is a very simple but absolutely crucial step for cellular nurturance and the uptake of well as mental energy and health, cerebral spinal fluid flow and so on.... The importance of this cannot be understated! A key part of electrolyte balance is the intake of WATER in appropriate amounts to allow cells to detox, to increase flow of energy and to hydrate well. Lack of hydration can lead to poor blood flow to the brain, poor memory, physical and mental pain and so on.... (There is a link to an article on electrolytes below)

ZINC CITRATE: the "healing" mineral is involved in over 2000 enzymatic reactions in the body which allow all tissues and cells to repair themselves from trauma, it is a component also of dopamine and other good endorphins and receptors; it is involved in the firing of neurons in the brain,involved in brain protection ( zinc helps to heal the dura and blood brain barrier and the corpus callosum which links the two brain hemispheres.). Zinc is also involved in immune function and sensitivities to food. People who are gluten sensitive are frequently lacking zinc. Furthermore zinc is a key component in protein metabolism - it helps tissues to heal and muscles to repair. Zinc citrate is the form to get. It needs to be taken with food. It is common for zinc to upset the stomach if too much is taken at once. Homeopathic zinc is also an excellent form of zinc and comes in pellets and liquids.

CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM CITRATE: Calmness, stable rhythms of the brain and heart (ie sleep), nerve stability, stability in moods. The needs for calcium and magnesium vary wildly.

Please visit the Magnesium section of

And finally, a diet rich in fruits, veggies, good quality proteins and, if possible, add a "green foods drink" to make sure all nutrients are covered. For example, many of my clients make a fruit smoothie for breakfast. They make it delicious and add the above supplements to it and then throw in something like spirulina to provide a rich concentrated form of vitamins and minerals.... It is also very beneficial to eliminate things like wheat, sugar, alcohol and junk food from the diet to understand how much these things are involved in your symptoms.

The nutrients above form the basic foundation of brain/body healing nutrients because they are the elements most used by the human body and brain. Beyond and above this, individual people will have individual needs. For example, many people benefit from the addition of B vitamins for nerve health and stability, etc.

If you have troubles with any of the above basic nutrients it is vital to continue to take them! Start with one or two grains of salt and work your way up. Start with a lick of omega 3 and work your way up. Start by grinding a zinc tablet and taking a few grains. When people have been very traumatized sometimes their bodies are confused about what is good for them and what is not...sometimes also organs may have been damaged in some way. It is necessary in these cases to proceed gently with the key cellular nutrients and to work consistently toward homeostasis in the long term. Slow progress is better than degeneration.

The key to healing is in the connection with Source. Small amounts of the nutrients and large amounts of connection to God moves progress forward faster!

The link to the rest of the speech is provided here because it talks about brain function and how quantum physics, etc. is just God doing what God does. When we understand that God is love and wants us to heal, we can simply access this love and healing consciously because it is there around us. The message in the speech gives you an understanding of how this work links to all things....and how all things can heal.

In fact, that is what we are here to do!! We are here at this time to heal all that is unloving in the world and bring about true change for all! But we can only do this if we know what we are here to do and let go of things that are not true to that purpose. It all begins with connection to Divine Love and Healing."

To download the free manual Co-creating the New Consciousness, and for other material related to healing in the new consciousness visit (The Time of Love)

The link to the full speech is here

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