Viktor Tônissoo (Tallinn, Estonia) comes by his extremely expanded consciousness through a series of Near Death Experiences. When I first met Viktor he glowered: “What the hell happened to you. There are nine holes in your aura all caused by drugs (pharmaceuticals.) You were a totally healthy person and doctors have turned you into a piece of shit. You couldn’t/can’t sleep because you have a thyroid problem and you have some sort of chronic virus. They should all be jailed.”

"You are in this mess (spiritual emergence/emergency) because consciousness is not taught in schools."

Tônissoo has intuited a homeopathic-like remedy which chelates and destroys viruses including HIV. He is using the primordial vibration of a specific layer of volcanic minerals. He is trying to secure funding to continue research and run clinical trials. I showed his remedy to several African traditional healers (many of whom are also trained in Western medicine) at the AIDS2006 conference. All were interested. One held it in his hand, looked me in the eye and said: "This can do more than you think. " Several of them offered to help with clinical trials.

Medical geographer Harold Foster (1944 - 2009) told me he would incorporate Tonissoo's remedy into a part of his next AIDS-related clinical trial.

Viktor survived several Near Death Experiences, but in late November 2011 God kept him for good. Updates about his work and his soon-to-be published book to come.

Viktor Tônissoo (1931- 2010)

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